Promoting the

Wilder Mind Tour

First, thank you for taking the leap and helping promote the Wilder Mind Tour. We can’t do this tour without you.

Promotion Steps

1. Find Event Location

Make sure it matches event and band needs. Communicate with Bryan Olesen about any band or sound questions. Make sure there’s a projector & screen, or some way for videos to be shown. When confirmed, send venue address to Brooke and let her know if any deposits need to be paid.

2. Food & Drinks

Be thinking through food and drink options for the Happy Hour. Consider asking people to donate food and drinks to the event.

3. At least 1 Month Out

Communicate with every past or current RHYTHM or ROGUE participant from your area with an email (Brooke will send you one you can forward) or call. Encourage them to create their own list of people they want to invite.

4. 3 Weeks Out & 1 Week Out

Follow up with a text reminder invitation (Brooke will send you a PDF you can text out).

5. Facebook Event

Consider creating a Facebook event and inviting people to the event.

6. Website

Point people back to site for information.


Clicking on a poster opens up the poster in a new tab / window. Right-click and choose “Save as…”.

St Petersburg, FL

You are invited to Harbor's Stay Wild Tour. Join us for a night of reconnecting, space and rhythm.