A Journey

To the Cliff

“The cliff calls us to the land of fire and ice. It compels us to chase hard after the thin places where God might show up and shake our souls awake.”

An Invitation

The cliff looms, a visual reminder that through the gray, the fog, the darkness, there are moments when we can see God. We need to chase that cliff. To seek it. To find it. To climb it and be willing to take the leap of faith. We need that hope. We need the risk, the adventure, the mystery to chasing hard after God brings.

14 Spots Left

June 8-12, 2025

Registration Deadline is September 15, 2024 or until all spots are full

You are invited to be one of only twenty men to join Harbor Founder Tim Bohlke, worship leader Bryan Olesen and others on the Harbor Outpost Adventure to Iceland. Experience the rugged, raw beauty of Iceland’s black sand beaches, powerful waterfalls, active volcanoes, and

… the cliff



donation to Harbor Ministries.
Secure your spot now with a $2,500 deposit.

Registration Deadline is September 15, 2024 or until all spots are full

*Airfare not included. You are responsible for arranging your own travel to Iceland and arriving at the Icelander Hotel – Reykjavik Marina in Reykjavik by 5:00 p.m. (Iceland Time) on June 8, 2025. Fly out later on June 12, 2025. All expenses covered during the Outpost Adventure. The remaining $5,000 is due by March 1, 2025. A major portion of your $7,500 donation is tax-deductible.

All resources raised from this event will go to sponsor young pastors and business leaders in future RHYTHMinTWENTY groups.

Iceland cliff

“Get away with Me”

Spend five days and four nights in Iceland where you’ll explore, worship and find space.

Days in Iceland

Cliff Chasers

Thin Places


Connect with God

We need thin places. We must pursue those moments when God interrupts our lives. Those places that heaven and earth collide.

As we reached the upper edge of that cliff in Iceland, it was a place of worship and awe. We were small and God was … more. Some fell to their knees, others were prostrate. Others went right up to the edge, seemingly ready to leap.

We need thin places. Those places that heaven and earth collide.

Take Space

In our spiritual journeys, war is upon us. We are in a battle. Struggle, failure and disappointment will be with us throughout our lives.

If we’re going to stay in the game as difference-makers, if we’re going to be men who encourage, challenge and inspire … we need these thin places.

The world needs cliff chasers. Passionate and relentless dreamers.

What We’ll Do

We are excited to take you on the journey to the cliff that has become such an iconic place for the RhythminTwenty and Rogue journeys. This will be 3 days filled with some time to explore and connect with others who have been on a Harbor Ministry journey. But also times of teaching and devotion, music with Bryan Olesen, and some guided times of space, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I hope you can join us for this first “Outpost” trip.

The last day will be a time of worship at the base of the cliff.

Thin Places

We’ll be visiting some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites in Iceland. From the black sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls and lush fields to active volcanoes, ice caves and glaciers … we’ll be taking it all in.

At each site, we’ll take space to soak in God’s power & beauty. We’ll take time to hear from Him.

We’ll also be visiting the cliff from the SIGUR RÓS video

Be in Wonder

“I see the world in life. Bursting in living colour. I see the world Your way. And I’m walking in the light”

A Journey to the Cliff

You are invited to be one of only twenty men to join us on the Outpost Adventure to Iceland. Come chase the cliff with us.